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Broadsheet Coffee Roasters - a Farmers Market for Coffee Growers far far Away

Cambridge, Mass., was home to the country’s first broadsheet newspapers, printed for wide distribution. This spring, it became home to Broadsheet Coffee Roasters —  which, took on dozens of established brands and won first place in the most prestigious coffee roasting competitions last December.

 Aaron MacDougall, Broadsheet’s roaster, and founder hopes the café, like its namesake, will be a place where connections are made and ideas are shared.

Aaron had his aha! moment when he realized that coffees can taste very different from one another when he was living in Hawaii and for the first time in years he had the time and capacity to be contemplative about things.

He was interested in Hawaiian history and culture and was going out of his way to find local coffee — most of which, sadly, was geared toward the tourist wallet. But there was a shop in downtown Honolulu called Beach Bum Cafe that featured the coffees out of Ka’u. He had a pour over there and was completely blown away. Aaron was pretty much hooked on that cup and wanted to learn as much as possible about coffee. One of his Hawaiian friends got him into espresso and roasting and took hiking to pick wild coffee cherries — it was all a ton of fun, and Aaron's wife thought it was the *best*hobby*ever*.

A few years later Aaron turned the lights on at his modern and inviting space just a few minutes away from his alma mater at Harvard. 

We walked in being compulsive consumers of caffeine. Aaron managed to convert us into true coffee aficionados. We learned to appreciate a very diverse taste and flavor of various coffee origins and styles and can't wait to pass this knowledge onto our friends and customers at ClickToHarvest.

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