Organic greens from New Hampshire delivered the same day they are pick – Click To Harvest

Organic greens from New Hampshire delivered the same day they are picked

They started with work. When faced with a field of trees, they saw a farm of luscious greens, built by their own hands with responsible, sustainable practices.


They started with 5 partners and 2 acres. When the time came to take down the trees, to improve the soil, to dig a well, their partners dropped off one by one – the work was too hard. But Marley & James persisted, and now their vision is a reality called Generation Farm.


This young couple is so devoted to bringing Boston the best-tasting, healthiest artisanal microgreens they are cultivating the land themselves. They do everything by hand, and there are no chemicals, weed-spraying, or fertilizers.

I visited the farm one day and asked Marley about their weed and insect control. She just showed me her hands.


I have a confession: I can be pretty cynical. Feel-good stories to sell fancy lettuce? Give me a break. But I’ve seen Marley’s hands – strong, agile, and marked with the evidence of her daily work, her connection with those two acres, her passion for every single leaf of the nutritious and delicious microgreens she and James nurture. I’ve tasted those greens myself. Every purchase is worth it – not only because the greens are really tasty, but also because I know every single dollar spent helps keep the dream alive for Marley and James.

Generation Farm is an inspiration, and is proud to partner with these leaders of a new generation of farmers.

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