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The Flower of the Earth - Mushroom Recipe

Fall is about gloomy, orange spots of decaying pumpkins on every porch, creepy decorations, and increased heating bills. For serious foodies, however, there is one bright spot - fungi and fall are practically synonyms. Sure you can get morels in the spring and chanterelles in the summer but frankly, if you do not spend a whole weekend hunting for them you are doomed to pay ridiculous prices for something that has been languishing at Whole Foods for a long time. I would forage, but real mycophiles are secretive and territorial. Their secret mushroom spots are guarded as well as the ATM pin if not better.

Myco Terra offers several other fascinating kinds, such as lion’s mane, which look like anemones, and shiitake mushrooms, which are native to East Asia.  In other words: pick your poison. Just, you know, not literally. 

My favorite recipe is very simple and has only one main ingredient - mushrooms. Sauter some shallots in vegetable oil until translucent, add a pint of sliced chestnut and shiitake mushrooms, gently fry for 10-15 min, add paprika and garlic, fry for another 30 sec. Add 50 ml of soy sauce and 50 ml of water, reduce by half. Stir in parsley. 

Spread it over soba or enjoy on its own with good time and good friends!


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