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Smoked Feta Cheese

Smoked Feta Cheese

by Brookford Farm

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At Brookford Farm's on-site creamery, they're taking your favorite cheeses, and adding a twist. Feta usually starts with sheep's milk, but these farmers know that the sweetness of 100% grass-fed cow's milk is a decadent counterpoint to this cheese's traditional salty taste. And they take it to the next level with a natural smoking process that makes their Smoked Feta a firmer, full-bodied cheese that'll be welcome at your next barbecue; grated atop a salad of greens, berries, and candied pecans; or even on top of a pizza with fresh tomato slices, whole basil, and a drizzle of really good olive oil. If you're not hungry yet, you soon will be. Put the Smoked Feta on your grocery list, and we'll deliver it to you.
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