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Generation Farm in Concord NH

Microgreens from Local New Hampshire Farm to Your Table is excited to feature one of our latest additions: Generation Farm in Concord NH.

Generation Farm is a small Certified Organic in Concord NH. The farm was started in 2012 by young people looking to provide their local community with fresh food farmed responsibly. Farmers specialize in salad greens, micro-greens and grow on a few acres of open field as well as two greenhouses for season extension. Sustainability and responsible stewardship of the land is the goal. Farm produces 100% of its electricity through solar power and heat their barn with a wood pellet burner. Over 70 acres of surrounding forest & wetland are owned by the farm and are left untouched as a haven for native species.

Meet Generation Farmers: James & Marley

James is from Sleepy Hollow, NY and Marley is a New Hampshire native. They have degrees in History and Psychology respectively, but are enjoying getting their hands dirty in the field. James had his first farming experience interning at the Stone Barns in NY before going on to be a field manager at Red Fire Farm in MA. Although neither of us grew up in farming families both discovered their love of nature & environmental stewardship translated into a passion for agriculture. They live and work on the farm together, tackling every chore from bookkeeping and hauling compost to pulling weeds.


Truly fresh food has not traveled more than few hours from where it was picked. This way it retains all of its complex nutrients and best flavor. We are told again and again by our customers how fresh and long lasting the salad greens are - people often rediscover a box in the back of their fridge only to find it is still crisp and beautiful! This is only possible because all of their greens have such a short journey from field to your door.


Farm has a large solar array that provides power for 100% of the farm needs. Any extra power produced is fed right back into the grid. Like the plants, farmers draw their energy from the sun. They even heat their barn (which is also their living space) using a wood pellet burner, can it get more sustainable than that?


Generation Farm is certified organic by the USDA via the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food. Organic farms do not use the synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers typically used by conventional farms. Crop rotation, the use of beneficial insect predators and natural fertilizers/compost are the cornerstones of Organic agriculture.


Generation Farm never uses GMO seed. They source all seed from companies that routinely test for any cross-pollination of GM crops that can contaminate organic seed crops.

Organic Microgreens Mix

Regular price $6.95

Organic Microgreens Mix $6.95
by Generation Farm

Sunflower Sprouts - Microgreens

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Sunflower Sprouts - Microgreens $6.95
by Generation Farm

Organic Mixed Greens

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Organic Mixed Greens $5.95
by Generation Farm

Organic Greens, Bread and Cheese

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Organic Greens, Bread and Cheese $12.95
by Generation Farm