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Chorizo, Nitrate-Free

Chorizo, Nitrate-Free

by Brookford Farm

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A Chorizo this good can only start with Brookford Farm's delicious pastured pork, ground coarse with plenty of pork fat. Smoked paprika provides its distinctive color, while salt and a natural casing bring it to sausage perfection. Add thick chunks of it to your next clam bake, simmer it in apple cider for a burst of flavor at breakfast, or just grill it up and stick it on a bun with your favorite toppings. No matter which recipe you like most, we take the work out of getting the best ingredients from our farm to your table with fresh grocery delivery to your door.

Ingredients: Pasture raised pork, salt, black pepper, sugar, paprika, garlic and mixed spices.

Available for delivery to your Home or Office anywhere in our Service Area.