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Farmers Breakfast Set - Bread and Cheese

Farmers Breakfast Set - Bread and Cheese

by Brookford Farm

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You know that feeling when you get invited a Farmer's house for breakfast? A delicious aroma of freshly baked European bread and perfectly ripened cheese that still smells like cream. No need to travel to a remote farm in the mountains of New Hampshire to get the same experience. We've gathered a selection of Brookford Farm's favorites for cheese aficionados and bread from world famous Clear Flour Bakery.

You'll receive: 

  • Organic Grass Fed  Milk Alpine Swiss Cheese, 1/2 lb.
  • Ancienne French Baguette 
  • Assortment of French and Multigrain Rolls
And best of all, we'll deliver the farmer's market to your door.
Available for delivery to your Home or Office anywhere in our Service Area.