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Chicken Broth
Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth

by Five Way Broth

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If you're wondering what could possibly be so special about this unassuming bottle of Chicken Broth, then we can't wait for you to taste the culinary achievement you're about to unlock. There's a reason 'chicken soup is good for the soul' and everything that ails you, and it's not the chicken! Broth is an age-old tonic made in a days' long, slow roasting and simmering process that draws flavor and nutrients from all parts of an animal, including the bones, so absolutely nothing goes to waste. And it's worth it. 

Five Way Foods has been making its delicious, health-boosting chicken broth the way you don't have time for since 2015, and they've perfected the most flavorful, nutritious base for all your soups and sauces with:

  • Fresh and Locally Sourced Ingredients,
  • ​Real Bones, Slowly Simmered,
  • No Preservatives, Additives or Chemicals,
  • and an Excellent Source of Minerals

Each small batch is handcrafted with all-natural ingredients to be tasty and boost your immune system. Chicken Broth is naturally dairy, gluten, and sugar-free. Stir it into your next risotto, and even enjoy it as a soothing, warm drink.

Net Fl. Vol.: 16 Oz.

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Chicken Broth