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Fresh Goat Cheese - Fromage Blanc

Fresh Goat Cheese - Fromage Blanc

by Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm

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Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm has the recipe for a little bit of heaven you can put on a cracker. Their fresh Fromage Blanc is made from Grade A Goat's milk right on the farm. Creamy and soft, each flavor is delicious by itself, but we encourage you to experiment! Add the Garlic/Pepper/Rosemary flavor to a baked potato, or sprinkle the Honey/Lime flavor on an arugula salad with fresh berries and pecans. This cheese stands out, not only for its delicious taste, but also because no salt is added, making it a perfect option for anyone who is monitoring their salt intake or who simply prefers unsalted cheese.

Fromage Blanc comes in the following flavors: Plain, Garlic/Pepper/Rosemary, Herbs de Provence, Honey/Lime, Red Tart Cherry, Cranberry, and Cranberry/Orange/Walnut. Some flavors change with the seasons.

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