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Kochere (Ethiopia)

Kochere (Ethiopia)

by Broadsheet Coffee Roasters

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Country Ethiopia. Region Yirgacheffe. Processing Method: Washed for 48-72hrs, then sun-dried on raised beds.

Kochere is a classic beauty from Yirgacheffe and more than a little reminiscent of a “Gesha” coffee. Freshly ground Kochere smells of honeysuckle, and in the cup, sparkles with a refreshing note of sweet citrus, like a light lemon soda. It also has one of the clearest notes of bergamot that any of us have ever tasted in a coffee.                                                              Kochere started its life in the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange (ECX), and was purchased by Heleanna Georgalis, a fourth generation Ethiopian coffee exporter and the owner of Moplaco, an exporter known for selling the highest quality Ethiopian coffees. Heleanna was born in East Harrar, but was forced to flee Ethiopia to Europe as a child in the face of civil war. After a career in finance, Heleanna returned to Ethiopia in 2008 to assume leadership of Moplaco after the sudden passing of her father, its founder. Heleanna has thrown herself into the business and is now at the forefront of Ethiopia’s coffee agricultural and processing technology; after purchasing this lot from the ECX, Moplaco meticulously re-sorted and separated it to create this exquisite and limited Kochere lot.

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