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Center Cut Pork Loin

Center Cut Pork Loin

by Brookford Farm

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The key to great eating is the finest ingredients, and when you start with Brookford Farm's Center Cut Pork Loin, have no doubt you'll finish with an excellent meal. Fresh-from-the-farm goodness comes from the deep respect and care these family farmers have for the herd.

The pigs enjoy open spaces as well as different lush pastures throughout the year; they even get whey mixed into their water in their last growth stage, resulting in a sweeter pork, with a thicker, firmer fat layer, and tender meat packed with vitamin E and Omega-3. In short, the healthiest, tastiest pork possible.

This versatile cut of meat will stand up to all your favorite flavor tricks: cut into thick chops, butterflied, and stuffed; or even slow-cooked on the grill. We love keeping it simple: Make a paste with a handful of garlic cloves, rosemary, salt, and pepper; spread the garlic-herb paste on top of your loin (you can even pierce the meat, then smoosh the paste into the openings); and rub olive oil over the whole thing. Put it in a 350 degree oven for about an hour, and enjoy a tender, juicy dinnertime hit.
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