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Salted  Butter

Salted Butter

by Contoocook Creamery

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We bet you've never had a butter with such vibrant color and rich texture. Like all Contoocook dairy products, this Unsalted  Butter comes from their very own 100% grass-raised cow's milk. Its sunny color is a natural reflection of the cows' diet of grasses and legumes, and is your assurance that this butter is packed with nutritious beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Of course, you don't want butter because it's healthy, you want it because it tastes great, and we promise, you can eat this with a spoon. 

Everyone who tries it, loves it, and it always flies off the shelves almost faster than we can make it. Don't miss your taste; put it in your cart now, and we'll deliver!
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